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Support for Lexmark® Printer

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A Printer is a device that accepts textual as well as graphical input from a computer and transforms it over a sheet of paper. These amazing devices are available in all sizes and are based upon 3 prime technologies – Dot Matrix, LaserJet and Deskjet. Their sizes may vary based upon the number of features that have been integrated within them. LaserJet printers specifically are the most popular kinds because they are quicker, more efficient and also have lower maintenance costs.

Lexmark International provides huge commercial range of broad printing and imaging products. Basically with their technology, they help people to print more and yet save more. The company currently manufactures LaserJet printers only, owing to their higher popularity, and it stopped manufacturing Deskjet printer models in the year 2012. The company has always shown complete commitment towards striking a vital cord between the consumers and the company. Their products are currently being sold in more than 170 countries.

If your Lexmark printer has attained some kind of problem, then the first step to have it fixed is approaching the OEM to ask them for an appropriate resolution. Lexmark also makes it certain to deliver superior customer support assistance whenever anyone asks for it. These support services are accessible from the company in three forms: on-call, personal visit and also over the internet. Depending upon what one is comfortable is he/she can avail assistance with his issue from the company.

However, such official services are available only till the time there is a valid warranty on the printer device. As soon as this warranty expires, you get barred from live support services, and the technically complex online self-help modules are only left available to you. If you too have been stuck in such a situation, and really feel the need for some reliable live support, give us a call.

We at TechSupportPrinter provide assistance from our team of expert technical support executives, who are trained to handle all kinds of computer-related problems especially the ones that are printer-related, with ease. Our team holds an average experience of more than 6 years. Each of them has been hired after passing a rigorous selection procedure that we have set to only get the best of them all on our roll. We also continually train them from time to time to keep their skill set up to date.

Our team has a resolution rate of more than 95%, which itself is a proof of just how successful we have been in delivering quality solutions to all our customers and how much our customers trust us with all kinds of issues related to their printers. We believe in delivering prompt services because we understand that your printer issues would always hamper your productivity, and so we help you have them fixed as soon as possible.

To assure you with a simple and quick procedure to resolve your problem, we have a process flow carved out, which is as mentioned below:

  • When you call us up, you will be greeted in a pleasant tone by our friendly customer care executive
  • After you explain about your issue, your call will be routed to the concerned person/department
  • You will be probed in detail to determine the root cause of the issue, after which the troubleshooting process will be initiated by our tech expert
  • You can also put forth any query related to your issue, which will be promptly resolved by the tech expert
  • You can meanwhile stay on the call or hang up and wait. We will give you a callback once your issue has been completely resolved
  • You may be asked to rate our services, and your feedback so given will be used to make our tech support services better in future

Our support services are accessible all around the clock, all throughout the year, so you won’t need to look at your clock or think if it’s a holiday or not before giving us a call.

Have a look at our Support Plans to find the one that suits your need.

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